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A collection of handles for furniture and joinery that act like little hieroglyphs for your home, little symbols that you can match up together in different combinations, either as odd-socks-pairings on either of the vertical sides of a pair of outward swinging cupboard doors, or on the front of your drawers, picking between Sunrise, Mountain, Valley, Canal, Hillside, Full Moon and Hamlet... Click Here to order online

The city around us is the world’s biggest gallery, of life, of materials, of compositions, and our buildings provide endless delight, they are a starring attraction in that great permanent exhibition, we just need to look up at them.

Symbols combine cutting edge engineering and artisanal hand finishing skills. The seven shapes are made from aluminium and brass angle-section which is cut using 4-axis laser cutting technology (rather than being cut from a flat sheet and folded into a right angle). This gives the handles a more robust and satisfying feel. They then go through five to six further processes including deburring, sanding and tumbling to make sure the edges are softened.

Symbols are available in a range of colours, white, and brass finish from Swarf Hardware, email for international inquiries

Photos by Swarf Hardware

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Architectural Icons is a celebration of brilliant styles of architecture from all over the world. Our mission is to disrupt the everyday by challenging the norm when it comes to building depictions.

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"Architectural Icons' designs always brighten up my day with a supercharged dose of colour and joy." Olly Wainwright, Architecture & Design Critic, The Guardian.

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