Look Down to Look Up

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A public art commission of five large Ground Art works for Croydon Council, 2018

The city around us is the world’s biggest gallery, of life, of materials, of compositions, and our buildings provide endless delight, they are a starring attraction in that great permanent exhibition, we just need to look up at them.

From the most banal to the great and the grand, from the nostalgic and cutesy to the space age and futuristic, from the utilitarian and the industrial to the flashy and commerical, the architecture of Croydon is a delight to behold. We just need to look up at it all.

Taking this idea, Look Down To Look Up takes specific architectures in Croydon, and transforms them into fun patterns and colours and shapes, which, whilst looking down, crossing the street on their everyday routes, tickles passersy-by into being reminded of all the glory around them.

Smiles at them and, even when the installation is long gone, reminds them “hey, just look up!”

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