I'm Adam, a multiple-award-winning artist and designer from London who loves traveling, beautiful architecture, art and craft. My mixed background means that I am an avid designer and student of ornament and forms from around the world, and I am super passionate about bringing them into people's homes in an accessible way.
I have always adored objects, clothes and interiors that are full of intriguing and uplifting things to look at, colours that stimulate the senses and patterns that tickle the mind. Growing up with influences from various countries and cultures meant that I have a slightly different perspective on taste to most people, and really care about creating items that look like they're from a totally different planet, but also somehow weirdly familiar.
The designs I make are NOT for the minimalist snobs, they are most definitely not for those who look to show-off their status or wealth through the things they own, they are resolutely for people who trust their own instincts, for people who are confident in themselves and aren't afraid of being loud, proud, and full of the joy of just being who they are.
Our products will bring small, but super important and life-affirming moments of pleasure and joy into your domestic and daily lives.